The (potentially) Never-Ending Sagas of Westeros


It’s ending. We’ve known for a while now that there were probably only two more seasons of our beloved Game of Thrones. But now it’s been confirmed. HBO’s programming president, Casey Bloys, dropped the hammer on any hopes of more seasons in an announcement earlier today.

In just two seasons and less than 20 episodes, the Song of Ice and Fire will have been sung and it will be time for us to go back to reality and for the survivors of Westeros to learn to live with whatever horrors they’ve gone through by then. Martin promises a bittersweet ending, but I wouldn’t put it past him to kill everyone off except the dragons. He is, after all, an evil mastermind.


As much as I love everything about Game of Thrones, I think it’s for the best that it’s almost over. I would rather it end on the showrunners’ terms than for it to continue indefinitely and get more insane than Lost (which I also love, but its lack of answers angers me to this day. That was the first TV series I truly obsessed over and it betrayed me).

This is me during any given episode of both Lost and Game of Throne


Sure they could stretch out the current storylines with more travel time, but we get that (excessively) in the books. Do we really need to see it in the show? I’ve already seen Tyrion take more than a whole book to get from King’s Landing to Meereen. As much as I love Tyrion, that was not something I looked forward to when season 6 began. It’s actually one of the rare instances that I think the show handled better than the books did.

The show is finally bringing all the major players back to Westeros where they need to be for their final showdowns. Even if HBO never touches GoT again, it’s a series that, like Harry Potter, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings, will go down in history as an incredible story with a massive impact on culture.

So yes, I’m actually glad that my favorite show has an end date in sight.

However… Casey Bloys also suggested the possibility that HBO is nowhere near done Westeros and Essos. While “there are no concrete plans” yet for a spin-off, it seems unlikely that HBO would want to be done with their highest rated series.

George RR himself has suggested the idea of spin-off movies or mini-series’. Personally, I’d love to see a movie about the Destruction of Valyria. It would make a great tragedy with a perfect lead-in to a series about the Targaryens and their dragons conquering Westeros. Robert’s Rebellion would also be fantastic! Even a movie about Varys’ rise to power or Jeor Mormont’s decision to take the Black would be great!

Finally, a legitimate excuse to kill all the characters 

With a seemingly endless list of ideas, how can HBO possibly stop now?  What stories and histories would you like to see on the screen? Let me know in the comment section!


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